Hi there,

Photo credit: David Goddard

Photo credit: David Goddard

Thanks for checking out my website - I'm glad you're here!

I’m a professional musician, actress, and teacher…but you probably knew that. Things you might not know? I’m an avid reader of cookbooks yet rarely follow a recipe in the kitchen. I have no idea how to use an iron. I taught my adorable rescue pup, Colby to sing. Levain Bakery makes the most amazing cookies on the planet. That last one has nothing to do with me, but by being here I consider us friends now (and I value my relationships), so dearest reader if you’ve never experienced the joy that is a Levain cookie, please stop everything you’re doing and fix that immediately. I’ll wait. I also love sarcasm…but I’m dead serious about that cookie.

So make yourself comfy, eat a snack, and explore these pages - I can’t wait to meet you!