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Photo credit: David Goddard

Photo credit: David Goddard

Things about me you won't find in my bio...well, I currently reside in New York City with my husband, Mike and rescue pup, Colby. My favorite place in our apartment is the kitchen, where you can find me most nights playing a one-woman version of "Chopped." I adore yoga and bourbon...preferably not at the same time, but I'll try anything once. If I ever get to see Sara Bareilles live in concert I will be so excited that I'll cry before she even touches the keyboard (I know this because when taken to see the Original Cast of Wicked on Broadway as a high school student I cried before they'd finished the first bar of the overture...that's right folks, we're getting super personal here). I'm passionate about telling stories and connecting with others. I love to teach and help students of all ages find their own artistic voice. One of my favorite reoccurring interactions in this business is to watch the look of confusion wash over a persons face after I tell them I sing opera, and then slowly, with great sensitivity and sincerity they ask, "But you're pretty thin, aren't most opera singers fat?" To which I usually reply, "I'm sorry, did you just say I'm pretty AND thin? Wow, you totally made my day!!"

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